The Agora Roadmap

  1. Research


    Research new types of consensus mechanisms and reliable voting products.

  2. Use Cases

    2015 - 2017

    First use cases of permission blockchain. Moving from prototypes to working product. Improving the permission infrastructure from alpha to beta.

  3. Permission Blockchain

    February 2018

    Ready to use permission blockchain. Penetration tests succeded.

  4. Presidential Use Case

    March 2018

    First presidential use case in Sierra Leone. A sample of votes is recorded on Agora’s blockchain.

  5. Business Development

    April 2018

    Business development in South East Asia and North America. Penetration tests succeeded on the voting system.

  6. Paperless

    May 2018

    First paperless votes. 20'000 users on the permission infrastructure.

  7. Business Development

    June 2018

    Business development in West, East and South Africa. Improving large scale paperless use case.

  8. Elections

    June 2018 - Q1 2019

    Expanding the production, expatriate voting, targeting the voting machines market and correspondence voting. Launching permission-less infrastructure.

  9. Elections

    Q2 2019

    New app for government officials: tracking of elections supplychain.